Know Your Way through the Maps of PUBG for Ultimate Experience

In a game like PUBG, a map is very important. Of course, player unknown battlegrounds esp gives you an advantage over other players. However, you still need to know your way around maps. Not just the opposition, you will gain an upper hand over your teammates as well.

Importance of maps in PUBG

When you know where to go to get the best loot possible, you can lock and load as fast as possible. That way, you don’t have to waste much time before engaging in combat. If you ask the best players of this game, you will know that they know a map through and through. It is very much a requirement if you wish to be a dominant player of PUBG.

Currently, this game offers two main maps to play on, namely Miramar and Erangel. Both these maps differ in terms of spawn locations, combat zones and vehicle regions. Knowing where vehicles spawn allows you to loot effectively. You can avoid all red zones and stay alive as long as possible.

The game is all about staying alive as long as possible. However, you need to kill as well. Using pubg hacks like player unknown battlegrounds esp also help in avoiding death as well as killing opponents. It helps you to track other players, equipment, vehicle and weapons. No matter which map you are playing on, these hacks can be extremely useful. Check out privatecheatz for more info!


There are different areas on this map that are quite popular. You can locate the spawn locations by using various interactive map features. Three of the major locations in this map are:

  • Sosnovka Island: The island isn’t that unique in itself. However, the military base in the island is something you should be targeting. When you reach there, you can find some great weapons.
  • Georgopol: It is amongst the most popular spots in the game. The reason is that it offers some of the best loots that can be found anywhere.
  • Underground Bunker: Home to some of the finest guns and equipment, this location offers a lot to the players. You can squirm through the different tunnels in the underground bunker. The player unknown battleground esp wallhack option becomes particularly viable for this location.


The second map is Miramar; in which you will be in a prison before actually dropping. Splitting the map into different areas is hard, although some of the major locations include:

  • Pecado: Located Northwest of Los Leones, Pecado is a region packed with superb loot and interesting places. The region’s boxing portion has level three gears available in abundance.
  • Campo Militar: This military base is situated exactly in the Northwest corner of the map. You can find all the gear you would need for the map at this location.
  • San Martin: This region of the map offers some great loot, while also providing excellent scope for cover. Swivelling through the area allows players to find water tanks or shelves containing loot. It certainly is a drop spot that can be your favourite.